Different Types of Light or Lamp Holder

Light Fittings: Caps and Bases

The piece of the light or light that interfaces into the light fitting is for the most part referred to either as the “top” or “base”. This gives the electrical contact and furthermore regularly the physical area of the light. An endless assortment of tops and bases exist so as to help ensure that exclusive the right kind of light is utilized as a part of any given fitting. This area indicates huge numbers of the most famous light bulb or lamp holder.

big_lampholder-group-mix (1)

Blade Cap            Tubes and striplights

Edison Screw            Incandescent strip-lights

Capsules            2 and 4 stick push fit lights

GU10 and MR16 Spotlights

Blade top versus edison screw, what’s the distinction?

Blade Cap

With its recognizable “push and curve” activity, “knife top” (otherwise called BC or B22d) is utilized on most standard lights. It is 22mm measurement and with two finding carries.

The “little pike top” (SBC or B15d) is fundamentally the same as yet just 15mm over.

Albeit for the most part utilized for mains voltage lights, the SBC fitting can likewise be found in few expert low voltage incandescent lights.

There are additionally numerous other “BC” variations including the 3-stick BC, B22d-3 in some cases utilized on Fireglow lights however maybe more normally on High weight mercury lights for mechanical applications. The BY22d is utilized on some low-weight sodium (SOX) lights.


Edison Screw Cap

What is an E27 light ? Named after the spearheading designer Thomas Edison, the Edison Screw or “ES” light fitting is utilized worldwide in a limitless scope of utilizations. To check different screw caps, visit lamp holder and light supplier in Dubai, Karya Lamps today.

The most prominent ES or E27 fitting is 27mm distance across and is generally utilized as a part of both the US and Europe. The SES is frequently utilized for littler improving fittings, crystal fixtures, and apparatus globules – dominatingly in the UK and Europe. CES is most every now and again utilized as a part of the US and Canada, particularly for light knobs. The MES fitting is now and again utilized as a part of extensive crystal fixtures containing maybe many little lights.

The GES is once in a while utilized as a part of residential applications and is commonly for lights more than 500W. This must not be mistaken for the amazingly comparative US standard 39mm distance across E39 or Mogul Screw fitting

The most ordinarily utilized fasten fittings are demonstrated the table beneath. Other, less as often as possible utilized, sizes incorporate E11, E17 and E26.


Designation            Diameter            Name            Abbreviation

E5            5mm            Lilliput Edison Screw            LES

E10            10mm            Miniature Edison Screw            MES

E12            12mm            Candelabra Edison Screw            CES

E14            14mm            Small Edison Screw            SES

E27            27mm            Edison Screw            ES

E40            40mm            Giant Edison Screw            GES

Halogen cases

Smaller than usual halogen case lights are by and large assigned by the estimation in mm between the pins (for instance the G4 has pins 4mm separated, G9 has pins 9mm separated).

The G4 and GY6.35 are constantly utilized as a part of low voltage applications though the G9 is for 240v mains utilize.